1967-72 Chevy Truck LED Tail Light Lens with SEQUENCER (Fleetside)


1967 to 1972 Chevy Truck LED Tail Light Lens for Fleetside. Direct drop in lens fits in existing bucket. Comes equipped with an 1157 plug and 20 bright LEDs for optimal brightness at the lowest possible amperage draw. EPOXY sealed back allows for thousands of hours of long life from the lens and lights as well. Features Sequential Operation with Selector Switch to Select Sequential Left, Sequential Right, or Sequential Function OFF. Features Sequential Once Brake Attention Function.

Connects directly to your cars wiring with 1157 pigtail, there is no need to run any additional wiring or do any splicing at all! Will work for left or right hand side. Has a small switch attached to the back of the lens. Switch has a center position that allows you to turn off the sequence function if you want to use the lights like stock.

*May require the use of an LED FLASHER