1960-66 Chevy & GMC Truck Sequential LED Tail Light Lens (Fleetside)

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Sequential 1960 to 1966 Chevy Truck LED Tail Light Lens for Fleetside. Direct drop in lens fits in existing bucket and comes equipped with an 1157 plug and 40 bright LEDs for optimal brightness at the lowest possible amperage draw. The turn signals sequence from the inside out filling the entire lens before turning off and sequencing again. There is also a built in brake attention function that has both lenses sequence out once when your brake lights are activated and the stay on till the brake is released. This can be by passed by running a separate wire from your brake light switch to the yellow wire on the back of the lens. The lens has an sealed back that allows for thousands of hours of long life from the lens and lights as well. This works for driver or passenger side. There is a switch on the back that allows you to select left or right hand side as well as an off possition that lets the lens operate without any sequencing ( the entire lens will flash with turn signal and the entire lens will come on with brake light) if you decide that you want the light to work like stock at any point.  SOLD AS EACH.

*May require the use of an LED FLASHER